Friday, October 26, 2012

Real Men Wear Swimwear Thongs Too

Real Men Wear Swimwear Thongs Too

There seems to be something about men wearing swimwear thongs that make others feel that these guys aren’t actually real men. It kind of makes you wonder what people think makes up a real man. Should that factor ever be decided by what clothes they wear? Cross dressers, for example, are very often some of the manliest men around even though they may spend a lot of their lives wearing pretty dresses and skirts. It’s not always about being macho or prissy or gay or straight. Sometimes it’s just about what a guy prefers to wear.

Now, if you’re one of those men that happens to care a lot about what people think of their clothes, you need to figure out why you feel that way. Nothing should get in the way of you wearing something that you really want to wear, and that includes the type of swimwear you choose for yourself. As long as you’ve got the body for it, you should be comfortable wearing whatever swimsuit style makes you the happiest and feel the sexiest.

Of course, something that you should keep in mind is that, if you’re wearing swimwear thongs, you need to have the body for it. There’s no way of getting around that. No one will want to look at you if you weigh 300 pounds and all of your fat is covering up your swimsuit. This will happen no matter what sort of swimsuit you’re wearing. In fact, if you’re that huge, you may want to consider wearing shorts and a t-shirt or maybe just never go swimming in public. You just need to understand that there’s only a minor portion of the population that enjoy looking at obese men in swimsuits, and those people are usually involved in some sort of fetish about obese people.

That’s the reason that you must spend some extra time getting your body in the shape that everyone is going to want to look at. If you’ve got a great body, everyone is going to be staring at you no matter what sort of swimsuit that you’re wearing. However, consider this: if you have a luscious ass that’s rounded and muscled, you should always wear swimwear thongs. People are going to want to see as much of your ass as they possibly can. You’ll find that these people will be following you all over the beach or around the pool. Many will also go so far as to follow you into the water where they will perform diving tricks to give them an excuse to observe you under water.

Both men and women alike are going to want to touch your sexy ass when they see it on display like that. You’ll probably have to fight them off with a stick, so maybe take a walking stick or a cane with you. Ok, maybe that’s a bit out there, but you get the idea. Just be prepared for many strange hands to try to find excuses to caress your really great ass. Swimwear thongs can be a wonderful asset for men that have those asses to show off. Just don’t get upset if people touch what you appear to be putting out there.

Something else that a thong swimsuit can do is to help you show just how much of a man you really are. The way that works is by how much your package is emphasized in these items. Your cock and balls will be tucked snuggly together and others will notice. If you look at for your thong swimsuits, you’ll even find some that come with attachments or other things that will show off your cock to its best advantage. Even if you’re not at the top of the large cock scale, who is going to know? That’s especially true when you’re wearing one of those swimwear thongs that are outfitted with the equipment to make your cock look more impressive. You can do this even if you don’t need to boost the size of your cock. It’s up to you as to just how much attention you want to gather as you’re strutting your stuff out on the beach or poolside.

Of course, one thing you may want to check on before heading out to a public beach with your ass and cock accented is whether or not thongs are even allowed. Many family oriented beaches simply don’t allow anything out of the ordinary because of children being present. And who can really blame them? But you don’t want to risk the embarrassment of being told to leave the beach or, even worse, arrested. Yes, none of that is cool.

However, there are many beaches that are clothing optional and you can always wear your swimwear thongs there. Those beaches even allow visitors to wear nothing at all if they so choose. That’s why you should feel very comfortable no matter what you choose to wear at these types of beaches. There aren’t usually a lot community pools around that allow such swimsuits as thongs. So if that’s where you do most of your tanning and swimming, you’ll probably want to do that in swimsuits that cover a little more and accent a little less. In that way, you won’t be embarrassing yourself or anyone else.

When you’re ready to take your sexy body out in public and show it off in some swimwear thongs, you better be ready to look cool and confident while you wear them. People are going to be staring and that’s something that you may as well understand before you take that first step out of your door. It’s ok, though, because as long as they’re leering rather than laughing, you know that you look hot. Laughter isn’t something that you want to hear when you’re walking along on the beach.

Now that you see how wearing thong swimsuits can show your manliness, get in a few workouts at the local gym and pour that new sexy body into a thong swimsuit. It will change the minds of other men that see you moving along the beach in yours. Once they see all of the attention you’re getting, they’ll be in line to buy their own thongs.
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